Afghan Carpets

Afghan carpets are the skillful offering to the world by the people of Afghanistan. They are excellent, skillful and adorned with various beautiful designs and patterns. As such, they can be used very effectively as a different and impressive interior décor and make your home a hub of vibrancy and distinctive global fashion.


Various conditions resulted in the beginning of rug making in Afghanistan. Many tribal and ethnic groups make rugs in Afghanistan. A great number of Afghan carpets are made in northern and western Afghanistan. The rugs of Herat and Baluch region are most popular. Traditional rugs are hand woven and need a good amount of time to complete a single rug. Modern rugs are both hand woven and machine made. Women and girls form the major group of artisans.


Wool is the most used material. Cotton and silk carpets are also made in good numbers these days. Using natural colors is the most distinctive characteristic of the carpets. Various sorts of natural dyes and vegetables are used to introduce exciting and vibrant colors. Different types of patterns, colors, designs, weaving styles are employed in their creation. Particularly prolonged human and animal shapes are their distinguishing feature. The traditional pattern is the octagonal elephant’s foot mostly with a red background. Nomadic lifestyle is also sometimes embroidered in the carpets. Most carpets are of medium size.

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