Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are one of the most effective ways to decorate your interiors in a distinctive and singular fashion. They bring the old world charm into your home with their unmatched weave and dazzling designs.

Rug making tradition around the world

The credit of rug making for the first time goes to the nomadic, tribal and ethnic tribes of ancient Persia during the Bronze Age and to the tribes of Turkey in the Medieval Seljuk period.

Persian rugs are unparalleled in their excellence of craftsmanship, intricate and impeccable patterns and designs. They rest at the highest echelons of rug making in the world. Persian rugs employ the single loop knot system to bind the threads.

Turkish rugs are an example of human brilliance and skill of utmost degree. Exquisite artistry, immaculate works; thrilling colors are a hallmark of Turkish rugs. These rugs use the double loop knot in their weaving.

Armenian rugs can be traced back as early as the 7th century B.C. Beautiful embroidery sets them apart from others.

The advent of rug creation in China started during the reign of the last emperor of Chen dynasty and they can be differentiated by the differences in manufacturing styles and specific patterns of producing regions.

French rugs made their first appearance during the 17th century. Paintings and textiles of Netherlands and Belgian Dutch and various mythological scenes constituted the bedrock of French artistry.

Earlier part of 16th century heralded the rug producing tradition in England. They were greatly influenced by Indo-Persian or Turkish style.

Also mentionable are the strikingly beautiful rugs of Spain, India, Afghanistan, and Bulgaria which are among the very best of traditional rugs.

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